Online Courses - Coming Soon!
Learn the skills you need, at your pace.  

These multimedia courses are designed to boost your social confidence, provide techniques for effectively communicating with anyone, and arm you with proven strategies for successful negotiations. Most of us are never taught how significant our non-verbal communication is, and how subtle changes in the way we interact with people can greatly impact our lives and careers.

Course topics will include the following and more:

Learn to engage an audience of any size
The importance of storytelling
Creating authenticity
Connecting with evolving consumers
Powerful postures (and weak ones!)
Psychological principles of persuasion
Professional first impressions

Make the choice to be more successful in life and work. These seldom taught strategies will help you get there, guaranteed.



Webinars - Coming Soon!
Join an energetic group of other professionals and learn from me live, from anywhere.  

These webinars are packed full of practical tips and strategies that delve deep into my methodologies. I will walk you step-by-step through my instructions, play out different scenarios, and highlight my most powerful recommendations. Ask questions, learn from your peers, and be part of something exciting.

These interactive sessions will accelerate learning and propel you on the path to presenting yourself with power and confidence in any situation.