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My Focus

From in-depth talks with retail employees, sales representatives, product designers, and brand consultants, it is clear that the industry needs stronger communication at all levels.  It’s not enough for a company to instruct its employees on what to say, they need to understand how to say it.  From idea generation all the way to the consumer experience, companies need to empower their employees to speak the language of value, confidence, and authority.  And they need to learn this quickly.

The next generation of outdoor enthusiasts are here, and we’re not ready for them.  For these consumers born after 1980, many approach the outdoors differently than the traditional heritage customers.  They crave personality and style, quality and versatility, and social experience and inclusivity.  We need to learn to speak the language of the new consumer while not alienating our current customer base.

But a script isn’t enough.  Most of us were never taught the powerful strategies of non-verbal communication that play a huge part in the success or failure of our interactions with others.  And the best way to be successful with others is to increase our engagement with them.  By making them feel valued and respected, by telling relatable and interesting stories, by being self-assured and elevating their confidence in us, we can organically bring other people into our conversation.

This is what Presentation Authority provides - the strategies designed to help you successfully present yourself, your product, or your company to an evolving market and use powerful communication for profitable business.



About Rob Bingham, PhD

Several years ago, I reached a point in my career where my daily work was in conflict with my goals. I had strayed too far from my core, and I needed a change. So my wife and I embarked on a journey to find what makes us happy, what inspires us, and what drives us. We camped, we climbed, we hiked, got lost (and found), and slept under the stars. And what came out of the journey was a passion for leadership in the outdoor industry and a powerful focus on sales strategy and communication. 

I took an opportunity to explore the outdoor industry from the retail end of the production chain, and it clarified a critical problem for me. We, as people and as industry representatives, need to develop stronger communication. The inability to deliver effective messages, to relate and collaborate with others, and to overcome our own insecurities means that we are all leaving money on the table in the negotiations of life. What if we could implement practical strategies based on the science of psychology to make both ourselves and our contacts more successful?

As an educator and trainer, my focus is to help people implement what they learn. I became an expert in this at U.C. Berkeley where I received my doctoral degree in analytical science. Through research and experimentation, I learned to quickly identify problems and create solutions. But I also focused on developing my public speaking skills to reach diverse audiences at meetings and conferences. And since applying my science-based methods to understanding retail sales, I have been able to develop strategies to increase the success of companies and their employees in engaging with customers.

A mentor once told me that the most important thing I could do is to always strive to reach my full potential. But the only way to reach my full potential is to help others reach theirs.
By empowering people to present themselves with confidence, speak with authority, and employ strategies for success, we can all live a more fulfilling life.



Rob Bingham lives in the forests of Portland, Oregon with his wife Nichole and a few furry friends.